Tuesday, August 24, 2010

August updates

Well, here we are in the last few days of August. I always feel a little bit melancholy around this time of year, even though the "official" end of summer isn't until September, the end of August, for me, is the end of summer. I think it's because the end of summer seems to have a much wider symbolism than just the closing of idle summer days from our childhood (not that mine has been idle!) I guess it's basically a reminder that time is marching on and no amount of wishing it would slow down will have an effect on it. And maybe the fact that each August marks another notch on my belt, of the years slipping through my fingers. HA, maybe that's why it's always kinda sad.

Enough introspection, here's what I made on my summer vacation....

Actually, I just made this yesterday.
I don't have vacations anymore, it's all work work work ....
When I omit a stamp on a customer's order I like to make a little mail art to send the missing stamp along in as a mea culpa for my momentary lapse of efficiency. It also gives me an excuse for playing with my stamps & supplies, which unfortunately, I never seem to have the time to do. ~ This envelope uses 2 of the papers I have in stock plus leaf ribbon, leaf stamp from the flower set, simple scroll stamp and the checkered frame for the address block. The extras are ginormous ric rac, buttons & other paper I had on hand.

Now for the actual updates part of this post. (thanks for asking dr. koolarama ;-) For those that have been paying attention, my relocation plans are moving very slowly. I listed my house around the 1st of July & have only shown it 2 maybe 3 times - small town, not a whole lot of buyers out there I guess - very depressing. I'm trying to mentally will my house to sell by the end of August - X (that's my fingers crossed) I'll post more news on that front when I have any.

Business updates...

My annual August birthday sale is in full swing, in fact it has been all month. If you missed the announcement, Visit MadRatRubber (it's 20% off just about everything in stock) I've been meaning to pop over here to the blog to post about it but I have only the usual excuse - Many things to do - Little time in which to get them all done, huh huh huh (that's me panting from all the running I'm doing) here's a partial list, refinish the deck (major project), pull 6' high weeds, keep the house clean for showing, mow 1/2 acre yard, clean up studio, process orders, do something about laundry room, call plumber, add new products to web site, update customer files, paint the front door, fix flat on bicycle, etc etc etc. A lot of the list wouldn't be a big deal if my house wasn't on the market, it's just the added pressure of wanting everything to look great for any potential buyers.

Okay, reading over my list is making me antsy, I'll have to wait & post about the cool new Tim Holtz products I've added to the inventory later, I promise, but for now I've got to get busy...

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  1. Thanks for the update, G!

    I hope you will consider fixing your bicycle flat today.

    In times of rush, we need to create spaces that force ourselves to slow down. You may discover that riding your bike will allow insight to squeeze in through the chaos.

    Maximizing time is just one way of spending time, and not always the more productive.

    Enjoy your ride & all the best with your preparations!

    dr. koolarama