Monday, July 05, 2010

New Items

Well, I've finally finished with the remodeling (except for a few things here & there) & the house is on the market. Unfortunately things are so slow here in the real estate market that I may be here awhile. So on to business..
I've added some ceramic Cup & Saucer planters for altering. The cup is 4-5/8" across (5-7/8 including the handle) the saucer is 6" across & the cup has a drain hole in the bottom. I came across these & thought they'd be fun to alter. One could make a crazy cup that would fit right in on the Mad Hatters tea table. Even though they're meant to be used as a planter I think they could be used as a candy dish or change bowl.

I haven't had a chance to play with one yet but will post photos when I do.

The other items I've added are vintage bingo slider cards. I even dissected one to see how they were put together. See the photos below.

The edges are sewn together and come apart easily enough with a seam ripper or sharp knife. Once apart different images or letters could be put behind the little windows. The red sliders come out easily so they could be removed completely or not. Reassemble & attach it to a collage or assemblage. Both of these new items can be found on the Miscellanea page.
And as a reminder I'm having an inventory balancing sale right now on select Alice in Wonderland, Wizard of Oz & the most recent batch of New images that include lots of travel themed images. Go check 'em out @ MadRat Rubber

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