Friday, May 09, 2008

Grab Bags added to MadRatRubber

Like surprises? Have a hard time making decisions? Try a Grab Bag!
Grab bags are now available at MadRatRubber, they have their own special page where I'll post them as they become available. Currently I have 5 different deals to choose from and no 2 have the same images, buy all 5 & get all different images buy 2 of the same bag & you'll end up with duplicates. The bags are made up of overstock images & you'll save at least 50% off the regular price. A great deal for someone who like surprises or who likes to be challenged by the unexpected.
While your browsing around the web site remember to check out the new images, all are cleverly marked New in blue. Usage of these new images are just about the only requirement for the MadRat Rubber Mania Challenge. I'm hosting this challenge in hopes that my customers will share their creations with me & the rest of the world. Prizes will be awarded so let me see what ya got!

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