Wednesday, April 08, 2009

Mail Art

I received an order the other day from one of my customers in this arty envelope by Sandy N. I love getting mail art as well as making it. Though unfortunately I have a really hard time finding the spare minutes to do much of anything creative lately (& I have so many projects I want to do!!) As you can see by my previous post that I've spent the first 2 months of the year finishing up several pieces for a gallery show. I sold 4 of 9 pieces (& am very happy!) The gallery will continue to display the remaining 5 for a while longer.

For the bulk of March I've been working on New Rubber! yea!! which I'm having a Pre-order Sale to introduce. There's a total of 44 new images. The new sheets include a half sheet of 70's inspired flowers which I can't wait to play with. I've got several projects in mind already for them. The other images include some more mirror images of the Alice in Wonderland/Through the looking glass, that I already have in stock (well, there's one or 2 that are out of stock but will be back in along with the new rubber), 9 new backgrounds or textures that are roughly sized for ATC's. I'm planning on using some of these for making impressions in clay. I've got 2 more antique French dolls (Pierrot & Pierrette) + several pairs of shoes & some fun frames or banners for adding birthday words to or, shoot, fill 'em with incoherent ramblings. Say whatever comes to mind! Here's a sample I made with one of them, admittedly I had to do it on the computer 'cause I don't have my rubber yet.

I can think of lots of fun things to say, like "pick up your clothes!!!" or "eat your peas!" I'm going to make "eat your peas" into a stamp. I get a kick out of that phrase. I'll be doing some of the standard phrases like Happy Birthday, etc to fit in the billboard spaces. But those won't be ready until the next round of rubber which I'm hoping to get done by August/September, gotta have new images in time for Halloween, don'tcha know.

Ooohh, I smell dinner cooking. Hubby's fixin ribs. Gotta go....

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