Thursday, February 07, 2008

MadRat Rubber Introduction

Thought I'd spend a few minutes on a brief introduction to my rubber stamp company, MadRatRubber. I started my little company 4 years ago (in May). Most of the images I have are vintage, I have a preference for images that are a little offbeat or quirky and I find that the artist of 75 + years ago had a knack for producing images that have a certain edge to them. An inherant quirkiness. One of my favorite artists is Sir John Tenniel whose best known works are illustrations for Alice in Wonderland. (I currently have a few of those images available & will be adding more soon.) But he also did lots of political cartoons and I've been adapting some of them as stamps. I have eclectic tastes and am always looking for images in a variety of subjects like science, nature, mythology, alphabets, architecture & design, etc., hell, it's probably easier to list styles or subjects I don't like. (I don't have many "cute" stamps, not that I have anything against cute, it's just I don't have much call to use 'em.) I try to select images that I can imagine someone using for any purpose whether it be for cards, altered books, collages, etc. My own work is with boxes, collage & assemblage so I lean towards images that I would use in those pursuits. I've also got a real desire to use stamps in paintings. I haven't done so as yet, (time is at such a premium lately.) but some day....

Anyway, MadRatRubber has grown from just offering unmounted stamps to now having wood mounted stamps available as well as collage sheets, mounting supplies, papers, ribbons, brass charms, etc. I love materials of all kinds so I've been adding a wide variety of them to my inventory. I think I can honestly say, I've got a little bit of something for just about everybody.

Right now I'm busy getting more images ready to be made into stamps and hope to have them ready in the next month or so. If you'd like to be kept up to date on new images, new inventory, sales, etc. Drop by MadRatRubber & join my mailing list or email me your address & I'll add it myself. (You could also add it to the comments section.) Hopefully, before too long, I'll be able to figure out how to add something to the blog that will allow folks to add their email to my list directly.

Here's an example of the uses I've found for some of the inventory I sell. The heart is a wood form, available in several shapes, The small heart in the opening is from a mold I made of my Target Heart Stamp, the head is from my Ladies Heads collage sheet, the arrows & bee from my Metals page, the rest is stuff I had in my studio. (hat from ArtChix & Heart Lock from SkyBluePink) For more info or to purchase "Fool for Love" visit MadRatStudio.Etsy

Now, back to work....


  1. I haven't done serious rubberstamping in ages ... but I'll have to check out your offerings!

  2. Nows the time to do so, I'm having a OWOH special, check out my latest posting for the details. Glad you stopped by & signed up for the event!

  3. I love this piece! Grat design. I am enjoying your site!