Tuesday, August 11, 2009

August Birthday Sale

Happy Birthday to Me!

It's time for my annual MadRat Rubber Birthday Sale!

August 20 is my birthday so everyone gets to shop for 20 days & save 20%. Between Aug 4 & the 24th you get to save on just about everything in stock while supplies last. (magazine subscriptions & grab bags are not included) Savings will be refunded via PP as orders are processed.

You've also got 1 more day to take advantage of the 25% off the Pre-Sale page, For those of you who've already placed orders from the Pre-Sale page - feel free to shop some more & I'll consolidate your orders & refund your savings & excess shipping. Just remember, orders won't ship until the new rubber arrives.

The newer rubber includes lots of Wizard of Oz images that'll work great for Halloween (pumpkin heads, witches, crows, flying monkey's etc.) You'll find most of those on the Wizard of Oz page. I've also got some new skeletons & phrases coming for the Day of the Dead, which of course, can also be used for Halloween. (The large skeleton dolls should be a lot of fun to play with)

I've also been busy adding lots of new stuff lately on the following pages:Paper, Ribbons, Doll parts (vintage German doll heads), Hardware (vintage PO box doors), new Brass Charms, Electronica, etc. etc.

For those of you on Facebook, I've created a page for MadRat Rubber Stamp Co.and have uploaded some of my recent mail art - I'd love to see some of the artwork you folks have been creating with some of my products so feel free to upload some pics. I've also been thinking I'd like to start some kind of mail art exchange & / or contest. Let me know if you have any thought's on that. I'd also be interested to hear any suggestions about the web site, products you'd like to see me carry, opinions about the kinds of images I carry, etc.

I'm real new to the whole Facebook thing and am still trying to find my way around (without a lot of free time on my hands to do it) So stop by & friend me or become a fan, (however that's supposed to work ;-) )

Hope you're enjoying the summer - it will be over before you know it!

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