Monday, July 27, 2009

And yet more mail art

Two of my most recent pieces of mail art. The top is an envelope sent to a customer using some of MadRat Rubber's newest stamps, paper & collage sheets & the 2nd is actually a postcard created using layered pieces of paper, MadRat Rubber stamps (of course) a die cut of the shell, a brass shell charm and the leaf trim/ribbon. The leaf ribbon was actually orange but I colored it red with an ink pad. The leaf ribbon is a new item in my inventory & I currently have it in black & orange but basically with a little ink or paint you can make it whatever color you'd like.
The final bit was to sew the black stitches around the edges - this was for 2 reasons,
No. 1 - The postcard I used was covered front & back with patterned paper attached with spray glue & the paper edges were actually about 3/16" larger all around than the actual postcard. To ensure that the papers didn't separate I stitched it all around. And..
No. 2 - It looked good + I've always liked the idea of combining stitches with paper.
For my next session of creating mail art I'll take some photos & do a little tutorial.

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