Friday, August 01, 2008

MadRat Rubber New Images & Birthday Sale

The Time has come, the Walrus said,
To talk of many things.
Of shoes & ships & sealing wax.
Of cabbages & kings.
And why the sea is boiling hot,
And whether pigs have wings.

I just love that quote. It's from "Through the Looking Glass" by Lewis Carroll & I think it's one of the best stanzas from "The Walrus & the Carpenter". It's also one of the new Alice stamps I'm adding to my inventory this month. As you can see from my odd little man above, I've added 41 new images this month & having a Birthday Sale to boot. My special day falls on August 20th, so for the month of August everyone gets to save 20% off of just about everything in stock, (while supplies last) Among the new images are several more quotes from Alice (& I've got a list of a bunch more to come) As well as new Halloween images, of course, and some dolls I've been wanting to add for some time. Dansuer's Chinois or "Chinese Dancers" are vintage French Jumping Jack's from some antique prints I aquired a while back. I have a couple more, Spanish Dancers & Pierrot & Pierrette that I'll be adding to my inventory in the coming months. Along with the complete dolls are miscellaneous parts you can use to mix & match to create your own art dolls. All of the new images are on their own special, "Pre-Birthday Sale" page They're in the process of being made so they won't be available for shipping till approx. mid-August. In the interest of saving time & money, all orders that include any of the new images won't ship until the new rubber arrives.
So if you're into rubber & other interesting objects or supplies for your artistic pursuits, be sure to visit MadRatRubber, just don't forget to check out the new rubber as well. There are links to the "new rubber" on the Home page & here & there throughout the store.

Ok, now on to other things...


These 2 Fabo pieces are from Lynne Tears who is my Design Team, yep, she's the whole kit & kaboodle, Lynne does wonderful work and I am really pleased with these two pieces. Can't ya just hear the woman on the left saying, Fraaank, the coffee's cold! & the one on the right capture's the essence of the 50's 0r 60's perfectly, I'm sure the Yucca Lounge must have come into existence somewhere around that time period. The stamps she used are Frank's Restaurant & Yucca Lounge. Both these stamps come in 2 versions, what I like to call, positive & negatives. They can be bought & used separately but I think they're great combined. You'll find them here.
I'm so glad to have Lynne on board, she makes wonderful samples using my images. See more of Lynne's work on her website, MoonLightJourney & Blog. Thank's Lynne!


One last thing for this unusually long post...

I'd like to invite everyone to visit GirlGoneThreadWild to read all about the wonderful thing Monica Magness started. She had the seed of an idea to create a doll in the hopes of raising money for the Susan G. Komen Foundation to help find a cure for Breast Cancer. She did a general "call for artist" to donate a 2x2 inch squares of fabric to be used to embellish the skirt of her doll. 182 women & men produced a total of 490 squares in response to this request. More than enough to cover the skirt. It came to be know as the "The Pink Artist Project". If you surf the blogs I'm sure you've come across it. I did & decided I would participate, so I made 2 squares & sent them in, I'm very proud of the fact that one of my squares made it onto the dolls skirt. I always have the best intentions towards society but rarely ever have the monetary funds to donate towards a worthy cause. This gave me the opportunaty to be involved in an important cause & I thank Monica for that. I'm truely honored to be included with so many other wonderful artist. The doll has been dubbed, "Love Squared" and has been written up in the autum issue of the Art Doll Quarterly & the Artful Blogger. If you'd like to be involved with helping to find a cure, visit GirlGoneThreadWild to make a donation. For every $10 you donate, you get 2 chances to win the "Love Squared" Doll. The drawing will be held October 15th.

Whew, the end!

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