Monday, August 18, 2008

B is for Boo - Halloween book by Lynne Tears

This wonderful Halloween envelope book is the work of Lynne Tears. The photos above show the front cover & a couple of the pages she made using some of my MadRatRubber stamps. The bottom photo is a picture of how the backs of the envelopes are finished. You have the chance to own this one yourself - if you hurry. She's got it up for auction on EBay as I type. Follow the ebay link to see more photos and bid on this beautiful book. Which by the way, would make a great memory book for photos of your own little goblins. & a special heirloom for when they've grown.
The MadRatRubber stamps used in theis book include, Seaside Excursion, Headstone, Sounds of the Cemetery, Skeleton Fingers, Coffin, a Small Bat & Tales Worth Telling. All of these can be found on the Halloween page except for Tales Worth Telling, which can be found on the Words page. If you'd like to know where she got some of her other great images, visit her blog, MoonLightJourney & ask her.

Oh, my August Birthday Sale is still running, so now's a good time to pick up some rubber to make some of your own creepy art! Be sure to check out the 41 new images Here.

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