Thursday, May 29, 2008

New Collage


This is one of my most recent collages, actually, it might even be considered one of my 1st if you don't count the assemblage/collage pieces I posted awhile back. I haven't done many "flat collages", though this one isn't completely flat either, the egg is floating & the tips of the wings are bent up or forward. The birds are applied using the contact paper transfer method I learned from Claudine Hellman's 1st book, "Collage Discovery Workshop" & the winged woman & pattern on the egg were transfers made using gel medium & images printed on transparencies. The butterflies across the top & the architectural elements at the bottom are cut paper. I used dry grass for the texture in the green field behind the egg. The cloud pattern on the background & the wings are from rubber stamps. (the wings are from my line of stamps at MadRatRubber). More grass & other plant stamps were used in the green area below the birds. The rest is acrylic paint, I love the idea of combining painting with collaged elements.

This was photographed in a frame which is why there's a shadow on the left side, I haven't actually gotten around to finishing up the frame job, when I do, it will be shadow boxed a little so the wings won't be pinned down. I'll also create a little tutorial on how to make a shadow box frame when I decide to finish it up. I'm not sure what my hesitation is about as far as finishing it, I feel like it's done but the black area at the bottom might need a little more work on it. Tell me what you think.


  1. I like it very much. Those transfer aren't easy to do.


  2. Thanks Ceevee, I know what you mean about the transfers. I'm always a little nervous about doing one on something I've been working on for awhile - I've always got my fingers crossed that it comes out ok.

  3. This is very otherworldly and wonderful. I love the dreamlike feeling. I also commend you on the transfers....bravo!

  4. Wonderful piece Gretchen. I love the transfer use and the dried grass -- you've given this a very other world feel and the colours are very soothing, moving!

  5. A stunning piece!!! I've never tried the gel medium/transparency thing. Is it difficult?
    I'd love to see this in person because it's beautiful in this photo!!