Saturday, March 22, 2008

Special Introductory Pre-Order Sale

Whew! I just finished posting my Special Introductory Pre-Order Sale on my website, MadRatRubber.

I've been working on several new plates of images for the past several weeks, well, really it's been much longer than that, & I finally got them off to the engravers a couple days ago. The new images are, Alice in Wonderland, High Contrast Portraits, Vintage Signs and Decorative Borders & Frames.

I've had several Alice in Wonderland images for some time now, the gryphon, the dodo, the unicorn man & Alice holding the cake so I decided to round up the group so to speak and give them a category all their own. I hope to have the new section ready by the time the sale ends so I can put them in their proper place. The other 2 groups are high contrast images of people from old photographs & fine art paintings & Vintage Signs from my own photographs. 3 large ornate frames plus a number of borders brings the total of new images to 49.

The advantages of a pre-order sale are, you get to save 25% off the new rubber & I get a good idea of how many plates I need to order ahead of time. The down side is, ya have to wait a little while before ya get your rubber fix! But you know the saying, "good things come to those who wait", and for your paitience, I'll add a little lagniappe.

For those of you who haven't been by the website lately (or at all for that matter!) MadRatRubber's not just for rubber stamps. I've been adding a variety of items to my inventory for the past several years 'cause if most of you guys are like me, ya dabble in more than one medium and even like to mix'em up a bit. So swing by and wander around a bit, ya might find just what you need for that project you've been working on.

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