Friday, January 25, 2008

As the Crow Flies

Welcome to the inaugural launch of my blog. After much consideration and at least one false start, I've decided to try my hand at blogging. I haven't mapped out this little adventure so I'm not quite sure where I'm going with it. I'm going to "play it by ear", (a phrase I often heard as a child)

So, I think a brief introduction is in order,
I live with my husband & 5 cats in a small town in central New Mexico. I have a BFA from long ago that I've never really done anything with. I worked as a custom picture framer since I left the fertile, creative grounds of collage, working on my artwork when time &/or money permitted. When I got married a couple of years ago, I quit my job to move to a small town where my husband was employed. I'd often thought about having my own little business so I would have the time to pursue my creative urges. And with the help of my trusty computer, I built my first website MadRat Studio.

MadRat Studio is a catch all for my various creative endeavors. Photography was my first love but I quickly found I was also drawn to painting, woodworking, jewelry and collage. I also have a thing for fabrics & try my hand at sewing every now and again. I guess when I get right down to it I just really love various materials. (I've collected stuff for years with the intent of making something with it) Once I had my "art" site set up, I turned my attentions to starting a web based business that I could run from home. I combined my love of art with my interest in collecting and came up with WildDesertHare, a small gallery of functional & decorative arts. I don't get the kind of traffic I'd hoped for so I haven't been able to really develop it as well as I'd have liked. My budget can be described as shoestring, at best.

I was surfing the net when I rediscovered rubber stamps. I had an eureka moment when I realized I could use stamps to create multiple images on the boxes I make. I also discovered all the really creative things people where doing with them. There was a whole bunch of folks out there using stamps. I did a little research & decided to start my own little company, MadRatRubber. Most of the images I carry are vintage and a little quirky, others are from my own drawings but I've had little time to do many original images so far. I've since expanded my inventory to include anything I can see being used to create art. I also expanded my web presence by adding 2 shops, MadRatStudio.Etsy & MadRatMiscellanea.Etsy. The former is where my artwork can be bought & the later is where I sell materials for the mixed-media artist.

Well ok, I guess that's a start, until next time....

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